Consumers Bored of Apple’s Lack of Novel Pie: Apple Q4 iPhone Sales Estimated To Fall Below Wall Street Concensus

Apple is going to have a down quarter.  There, we said it.  We have been agonizing over the data and analysis for weeks, double checking assumptions, sources, etc.  We’ve even included for the first time Chinese consumer data to craft a broader picture of iPhone adoption.  Apple is starting to lose the battle for hearts and minds.

Apple Q4 iPhone Sales Estimate Based Solely on Social Media Analytics

Apple Q4 iPhone Sales Estimate Based Solely on Social Media Analytics

This was the softest launch for Apple in years.  The 5C was a a global bust.  We recently started bringing in some data from Chinese consumers and was surprised to find that the buzz around the 5S was over 35 times higher than the 5C.  Surprisingly we did not see the iPhone 5 demand jump the way the iPhone 4S did after the iPhone 5 launch.  Overall buzz for Apple is falling everywhere but China.  This does not bode well for the next year and opens Apple to disruption by other competitors…

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